Charlotte, a grey and white tuxedo cat, was our first addition. She was rescued from College Avenue Campus at Rutgers in August 2009. It took about a month for her decide she wanted to stay with us!
Sophie, a calico girl, came next. Sophie is Charlotte's sister and was also rescued from Rutgers' College Avenue Campus in August 2009. Things were not quite working out for Sophie at her first foster home, so we agreed to take her in. Sophie quickly decided she wanted to stay permanently as well!
Dolly and Gnocchi, a "mask-and-saddle" brother and sister pair, wandered into our backyard on St. Patrick's Day, 2011. With some help, we trapped them and put them up for adoption. Of course, we ended up adopting them!
Zoe, Sammy, and Teddy, three tuxedo siblings, crawled out from under a bush when I was feeding feral cats on Busch Campus in May 2012. Laura was with me and they walked right up to her and started meowing to her! We tried to find another foster home for them, but couldn't and ended up getting too attached to them to let them go.
All seven cats loved their big brother Mikey, our beloved cocker spaniel who passed away in September 2012 at the age of 17. They would groom him, snuggle up to him, and let him "chase" them. Mikey was lucky to have had such good company during his senior years.

We didn't set out to acquire such a large feline family, but we are thankful for all our furry kids, and we love them all very much!